Nonna’s House (A Poem)

It’s refreshing enough to sit on this infamous couch

Sleek little joint, with a nice little veranda

I live up north, but its located down south

I’m cold… no-no, I’m warm… my mind isn’t made up

It’s refreshing enough to feel so traditonal

Observing my favourite meal being cooked in the kitchen

It almost feels too medicinal

Something from a dream… no… it’s non-fiction

It’s refreshing enough to sit on something that’s 3 panel

While we stare directly forward,, at the television

When I visit I dress very casual.. maybe flannel

Blue.. Orange… Purple… Or even a dark crimson

It’s refreshing to taste the very vintage tomato sauce

While my lips are dry and still very chapped

And it doesn’t really matter if I have a different shade of socks

Because here, it’s pure, it’s perfect, something, that I lack

While we finish the delicious dinner

We compliment it with some cookies

Grateful enough, to call myself a winner..

Because here, I’m experienced. There is no such thing as a rookie

So this place, YES, it is truly existent

And it really is located down south

I know it’s real! because it’s pretty reminiscent

It’s a place I call my own: Nonna’s House

“The World is a Mirror” – An Interesting Concept About Self-Actualization and Happiness

The other day I was reading a passage from this book that I unfortunately cannot remember the name of.

The main message was: “The World is a Mirror”

Now, before I go on explaining this concept, I would like whoever is reading to just think of that phrase for a couple of moments. Go ahead.

The World is a Mirror.

After you finish your morning routine, get out of the shower, or just use a public restroom, there would most likely be a mirror in front of you. Now, when you look in this mirror, what happens? Yeah, of course, you see yourself, that’s obvious.

But something happens when you look in that mirror, something that applies to the universe and your life.

When you smile in the mirror, guess what? It smiles back

When you look upset while looking at the mirror, the mirror is upset back

When you display depression in the face of the mirror, the mirror becomes depressed back at you.

There has been a time in my life when I was really depressed, I didn’t have a home for about 5 weeks and I was going from house to house, couch to couch. Fortunately for me, I have a best friend for life that took me in with open arms and was my own family, and still is.

During this time I attended college, This is a painful truth.

Nobody Cares of your Situation

Yes, that’s right, nobody cares, I walked around school with my shoulders hunched over, head low, and most importantly, not smiling as much as I used to be. Sure, people I was friends with asked me what was wrong, however, more often than not, it was not genuine. I walked around school looking like the most miserable piece of meat that has ever existed. and I can tell you one thing, nobody will come into your world of depression and be around you.

People like positive emotions, I have learned that from this and from the hard way. Human beings are much more attracted to one another through positiv vibes. That’s where this concept comes into place: The World is a Mirror. When you smile, the world smiles back, happiness is one of the few things that are constant and will generate happiness in others, it is important to keep this simple concept in mind.

For yourself,

For your life

– Juliano

Why Do We…

Why Do We end up getting stuck with jobs we hate for the rest of our lives and never end up having the courage to do that one thing you’ve always wanted to do?

Why Do We involve ourselves with relationships that cause pain and suffering rather than joy, enlightment, and love?

Why Do We know what we want but are not willing to do what it takes to get what we want?

Why Do We give up so quickly after we have done the maximum amount of research?

Why Do We end up laying in bed the whole day analyzing your life without realizing that life is happening?

Why Do We decide to take education programs in which we learn absolutely nothing and complain about the money we’ve spent on it?

Why Do We listen to other people more than ourselves?

Why Do We let other people attack our dreams and bring us down?

Why Do We allow our family, friends, and relatives talk down to us and treat us like any less of a human?

Why Do We work for people who have already chased their dreams instead of following and creating our own?

Why Can’t We simply get rewarded for our strengths?

Why Can’t We utilize the power of self-study to attack our dreams?

Why Can’t We Unite?

Why Can’t We beat the economy?

But Most Importantly…

Why Can’t We Change the World?


9 Questions You REALLY Need to Ask Yourself

I have compiled a list of 9 thought-provoking, life questions that one should mediate on. These questions will hopefully, inspire, and motivate you enough to the point that you are living every moment to the best of your ability and making sure that if the world were to end tomorrow, you would have no regrets and be very satisfied with how you have spent your time.

“Time is not passing, you are passing time” – Unknown

  1. What worries you most about the future?
  2. What is the difference between living and existing?
  3. If we learn from our mistakes, then why are we always afraid to make a mistake?
  4. What impact do you want to leave on the world?
  5. If life is so short, then why do we do so many things we don’t like, and like so many things we don’t do?
  6. Why do you matter?
  7. What’s the number one change you need to make in your life in the next 12 months?
  8. What big lesson can people learn from your life?
  9. What’s the number one thing you need to accomplish before you die?


I’m not going to give you the answers. The decisions and the quality and thoroughness of your decision is up to you. Go ahead and answer questions 1-9, because at the end of the day, nobody knows you better than you, right?

– Juliano

Why You’re Not Getting Along with your Father

The methodology for this article is simple, I can only speak on behalf of experience. What’s happening in my home is a lot different than yours, of course.

I could’ve written this post based on family in general, but that isn’t fair because I do get along with my family, ugh, to an extent, at least.

Why You’re Not Getting Along with your Father is far from a pessimistic post, actually, it’s highly optimistic and a door to realization. These events and situations may not necessarily be happening in your home or surroundings, but it is always great to take into consideration.

You cannot think, thinking happens to you.

He is Overly-Controlling and You Don’t Agree with that. There is a small part of you that agrees with what he does and his actions, and there is another part of you that completely hates it. You hate how he tries to control you, and you rebel, in one way or another.

He Doesn’t Listen. If your father was raised by a very traditional set of parents, it is most likely that all he is doing is trying to raise you the way he was raised, it’s that simple. Although he hears you, it is not the same as listeneing, he simply doesn’t understand.

He Expects WAY Too Much from You. You know it’s true. There are times when your dad pulls out this card:

  • “I know kids your age that are …..”
  • “All You do is lock yourself in that room and ….” (Which, in fact, is not true)
  • “When I was your age…”

We’ve all had these experiences with not only our dads, but with our family as well. You need to understand that our parents, unfortunately, for most of them, do not live in the now, and they are not willing or will not do what it takes to adapt to current situations. They do not understand that it is not the 60’s or 70’s anymore and times are indeed, changing.

He Wants to Dominate, All The Time. Remember, your Father, is a male. He has those dominant male traits of a father. Like stated earlier, how he raises you is how he was raised, do not take this personally as it has nothing to do with you.

You Are Over-Analytical. What do you think? This is all your fathers wrong doings?


You play an important role in this too! Sometimes you think too much of how you will be talked to when you come home or sometimes you donm’t do things because you have the assumption that he will act a certain way. This is an assumption, it is not the truth, a little bit of honest communication goes a long way and although you may not feel like doing it now, trust me, it will help in the long run.

– Juliano

Parenting: Then and Now (From the 22 Year-Old Son)

We all know that times were rougher even before we were born, the way parents raised there kids were different, what they ate was different, clothes, music, style, etc.

We all know this. But some of us don’t really feel it when other people explain it to us. We nod and say:
“Yes, I know”
“Yes, I just learned this in school”
Or even better..
“Are you trying to scare me? Why do you keep bringing this up?”

Our parents do not try to scare us when they tell us how their parents raised them, it is just a realization, a respect thing, and a bit egotistical.

Anyways, my uncle came over to visit for dinner and wine a couple of weeks ago, it’s always good to see him. I captured a really awesome talk that not only helped me understand more, but it made me actually visualize why he is telling me this in the first place.

I have attached an audio-clip below of the whole, real-time, conversation as well as subtitles that I put together for it. It’s nice to follow along to.

Enjoy, and be nice to your loved ones!

– Juliano

… And with Rebekah the conversation is always around school, right now, always around school, always around, like, boys, she doesn’t bring em’ up, I do. And usually each conversation if I stretch it too long it becomes like a lecture, and I gotta’ respect that too. My wife tells me too:
“You gotta’ shutup sometimes! You made your point 35 minutes ago, everybody got it!”
Dad: I tend to be that way too, he’ll tell you that, I tend to be that way too.
Zio: You know what, then you just beat the sh**t to death, and it – cus’ our kids aren’t stupid, they’re not stupid, they’re part of who we are. If sometimes, and I’ve said this to my girls too, if sometimes they’re not doing things the way we wanna’ do, it’s not because they don’t understand, this is what pisses me off. I tol- I told you, it’s not because you don’t understand what I want you to do, you’re choos- you’re not stupid, you’re choosing to do it a little different. And sometimes, that pisses me off.
With my girls it started with – with my girls it starts with them throwing themselves looks across the table, like they’re doing this: O.O. And see, and tha- and this is the thing, not only my generation gets offended by that, but worse, we’re better than our parents’ generation – because our parents generation – I tell my girls this not as a threat, cus’ it’s not, it’s just a relaying of my time, that if my Dad saw me roll my eyes I’d lose an ear. The first time. The first time I would lose an ear because the second time I would hate to think – I watched my dad one time, and you might not like this , I don’t know if your son knows this story, but, I watched my dad one time, beat this guy with a 2×4 in the laundry room. He hit the light in the ceiling with a backstroke, knocked the light out and kept f***in’ going. Okay we gotta’ all remember these times. I could tell you a story where my Dad one time kicked my ass in public, literally, JULIANO, holding my hand while kicking me, five times down the street with everybody – all the street kids watching. Everybody.


You gotta respect that, you gotta understand that. And what did we do? You think we turned around and said to our Dad: “Hey, f***k you, you’re embarrassing me” No, we took the – we took the kicks. Now, does that make us heroic? No. In some peoples minds it makes us stupid, it makes our parents abusive, WHATEVER you wanna’ call it, you just hafta respect it.

Dad: Very well put man, let’s go watch a period of the game,

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